Extras: How can you celebrate the Eurovision song contest this year?

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by Aveline MacQuoid on May 9, 2021

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How can you celebrate the Eurovision song contest this year?

It’s the highlight of the year in some people’s diaries, or simply an excuse to celebrate its ridiculousness. We are of course talking about the Eurovision song contest.

Although this year is a bit different, with socially distanced shows, and a mix of returning and new acts to the 2021 contest, there’s still a reason to rejoice. So, here’s our top ways to revel in all the joy that the Eurovision Song Contest brings.

Host a Eurovision Party

It may be in a small group, or even on your own – or perhaps an outside soiree – but you can still celebrate the Eurovision in style this year. You could even host an online get-together, if you’re not sick of the screen yet!

Transform your room with plenty of flags, banners, glitter and balloons, worthy of the stage in Rotterdam. Anything goes when it comes to creating a Eurovision wonderland in your own backyard or living room. But if you’re in need of some inspiration, here’s some ideas for the ultimate Eurovision decorations:

  • National Flags

The Eurovision is all about bringing together countries from around the world to compete. So, it’s pretty much a given that your Eurovision party should include some flag decorations. You can try and get a fully-fledged flag of each competing nation, or ask your guests to bring the flag of their favourite act. Alternatively, you could decorate with some flag bunting, that includes all the countries that are competing.

  • Fancy Dress
    From the most glamorous of outfits, to dressing up as your all-time top contestant, there should be some element of fancy dress – it is a party after all? Whether you go for a black-tie dress code, or clothes inspired by the competing countries’ traditional attire, it’s completely up to you. Whatever you decide, make sure you dress to impress for your Eurovision party.
  • A Lovely Spread

Some people attend a party just for the food alone, and who can blame them? If you’re the hostess with the most-ess, then you should ensure you put on a Eurovision-worthy buffet. To delight the tastebuds of your guests, and to get into the spirit of the night, your spread should include dishes and treats from the range of Eurovision nations. How about serving Turkish Delight, French pastries or Dutch meatballs, to name but a few of the delicious delicacies to choose from.

Place Your Bets

You could make things a little more exciting with a Eurovision sweepstake between friends or in the office – after all the final show can go on for some hours, and you may need something to keep your attention when the scores are announced.

Involving some simple prizes, or a pot of collected money, you can give each participant a random selection from the acts expected to be in the final. The current Eurovision 2021 odds pit Malta as the favourite, so you may be in for a win if you’re given their act, Destiny Chukunyere.

To make things easier, you can find random sweepstake generators online, which will automatically designate each person with a Eurovision contestant. It will certainly give you something to talk about in the office on the Monday morning after.

Play Eurovision Bingo

As we’ve previously mentioned, the Eurovision finale can go on for quite some time – we’re talking hours here – so adding a bit of extra entertainment is probably needed. Kick off the night with some karaoke of the top tunes from previous years, or keep the fun going with a past-winner playlist of music.

You could even conduct a Eurovision quiz with your guests, as there are plenty of odd and interesting facts to inspire your questions. Our favourite thing to do when watching Eurovision is to play a unique form of Bingo, as this can take place during the show itself.

Find a Bingo card online, or create your own Eurovision-themed cards, where each person can tick off the item when they notice it in the show. The legendary contest is such an iconic show, that there are always some classic moments that feature.

You can include on your Bingo card things to do with the acts, such as when an artist wears sequins, uses fake rain in their set, or sings about love. Or it could be to do with the presenters, like marking off anytime they mispronounce a country or name, or make an awkward joke. The possibilities are endless – and so is the fun to be had when watching this year’s Eurovision.

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