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Film Addiction:
Benefits of Watching International Films

No matter how old you are or what your lifestyle looks like, you will enjoy watching a film here and there. Sometimes, watching movies becomes addictive, especially if you are socially distancing. Film addiction isn’t necessarily negative, and you can gain a lot from watching international films in your spare time. Let’s talk about why you should watch international films and how you can benefit from doing so in 2021.

Discovering Hidden Gems Which You Would Otherwise Overlook

Spending time watching exclusively Hollywood movies may or may not pay off. While there are great English-speaking movies out there, you are missing out on so much more. Foreign filmmakers have stepped up their game in recent years and with titles such as Roma, Parasite, and Train to Busan, international films are blooming.

This means that your next favorite director, actor, or writer may be a click away, attached to an international film you otherwise wouldn’t look at. You can also retrace the steps of famous actors such as Mads Mikkelsen or Donnie Yen through their native language films before coming to Hollywood.

Learning New Languages While Enjoying Yourself

One of the most useful aspects of watching international films is that you will be able to learn new languages while doing so. According to an NCBI published study, watching films with subtitles in your native language can help you learn foreign languages more easily. By finding the most accurate translator and watching movies with quality translations, you can start learning a new language while also enjoying yourself.

To learn languages while watching movies, you should watch the movie twice – once with subtitles in your language and then with subtitles in the original language. This will help you compare and contrast subtitles and spot major differences and similarities between your two languages. You should also look through the 5 things we all hate about films translation to have a better sense of what makes subtitles “good”. After all, the quality of the subtitles will determine how effective your learning process will be.

Experiencing Different Perspectives on Popular Topics

There is a plethora of social issues, conflicts, as well as moral and ethical questions covered by Hollywood almost monthly. However, these films can often seem filtered, bland, and uninspired. International filmmakers such as Yorgos Lanthimos have given their best to give a unique spin on otherwise mundane questions about life and society.

International films are often better at covering such subject matter through an unfiltered, raw lens, which Hollywood is often incapable of. To create mass appeal, English-speaking movies often compromise their original visions, which you can make up for by watching international films instead.

Finding Inspiration for Your Filmmaking

If you are an aspiring filmmaker yourself, international films may just be what you need to drive your creative passion for making original films. International films come in a variety of genres and budgets, from blockbusters to indie gems, so you can enjoy a variety of films and learn. The Korean film industry is a prime example of this trend.

Again, this goes back to the fact that international films don’t have to abide by Hollywood standards when it comes to the topics they tackle. This makes them more inspiring, creative, and thought-provoking than their western counterparts. In regards to up-and-coming filmmakers, such a perspective is crucial for fresh production unhindered by the western industry’s expectations.

Binging International Films as a Hobby (Conclusion)

The next time someone tells you that you spend too much time watching films, refer to these reasons for doing so. Watching international films, or films in general, in moderation, can be both great fun and a learning experience. Only you can judge how “useful” the time you spend watching movies is – in the case of international films, it can be a life-changing experience.

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