Extras: Michael Everest Demarco and Local Bank Continue Long History of Philanthropy

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by Aveline MacQuoid on July 20, 2021

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Michael Everest Demarco and Local Bank
Continue Long History of Philanthropy

Acting is an odd art – one that often relies on young adults desperate to make a name for themselves. In recent years, we’ve seen some of the shortcomings of this fact with increasing coverage of Hollywood scandals and lawsuits. While it’s an unfortunate fact of the industry, actor Michael Everest Demarco feels he can make a good change.

Philanthropy at Its Finest

Young actors face a great number of struggles – the largest of which is often money. In the film industry, cash is what gets attention; it’s what gets you across the country for auditions and work, and it’s what keeps you alive between gigs. This makes the industry not only expensive but violently competitive.

Actor Michael Everest Demarco is hoping to change that, though, with his recent philanthropic moves in Louisiana. 

He’s hoping to create a positive change for young actors – because that’s who he used to be. At one point, all actors start out as the “starving artist” stereotype; but success changes things. Often, we see actors and celebrities forget who they are and where they came from once they’ve hit it big.

But that’s not who Michael Everest Demarco has become – he’s clearly still in touch with what got him to where he is. He’s hoping to return the favor to some young local talent. By partnering with a local bank, he’s hoping to improve the life of at least a few hopeful Hollywood stars. 

What’s On Offer?

The basic idea is that young actors are often barred from gigs that might boost their careers due to a lack of income and training. Between Michael Everest Demarco and the local bank, young hopefuls can receive enough funding to potentially make large moves in their work. 

They (ideally) won’t be forced to scrounge for cash, take side gigs, and overall be forced into giving up on their dream. And let’s be honest – that’s an admirable goal. How many people do you know that desperately wanted to achieve big things, but were forced into reality thanks to overdue bills? 

This effort aims to allow people to actually pursue their dreams without the crushing fear associated with the wildly underpaid work that is early gig acting. And that’s a big deal. Young area actors can now pursue training, better gigs, and longer travel without worrying about being able to return home to a roof over their head.

Why Michael Everest Demarco?

He’s a New Orleans native that was able to hit it big. With that success comes a seeming responsibility – pass the torch and allow a new generation to succeed. And it’s not something he takes lightly. He’s done his time and suffered his own introduction to the Hollywood scene and seems to feel that new actors deserve a guide. 

It’s often wildly rewarding to work as an actor – but a feeling of satisfaction doesn’t pay the water bill. Compounding the problem is that early gigs are often unpaid, instead offering “exposure” and “experience.” While these words sound nice, they usually don’t help in tangible terms.

That means that young actors can struggle for years to even make a profit, being forced to either give up or work excessive hours just to achieve something that’s entirely within their reach. And if you feel that an acting coach may help you get work, you may be right. But guess what? They don’t work for exposure. And that’s where the funding comes in.

What Could This Help Actors Achieve?

Beyond the abstract idea of success, it will help young actors achieve stability and a safety net beyond their friend’s couch. And that’s something that Louisiana should always strive for – a future for all of its citizens, not just those with the income to force success.

Michael Everest Demarco hopes that young actors will be able to find growth between his efforts and those of the local bank. This means that those who receive the charitable aid are now able to travel for auditions, pay instructors to fine-tune their skills, and acquire lodging when abroad. Without this help, it’s likely that many of the local actors may not be able to pursue their dreams. 

One of Demarco’s seemingly biggest interests is the manner in which an actor’s influences affect their work. He’s been known to comment on the impact that his own models, such as Tom Hanks and Leonardo DiCaprio, have had on his work. Perhaps he’ll be able to return the favor to the next big name in film?

After all, the opportunity to be funded by a historically generous philanthropist and actor would likely have a large impact on the formation of a young actor. Michel Everest Demarco and his local Louisiana bank are truly offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for area actors in need of support and guidance.

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