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The Unique Relationship
Between Music and Gambling

You are probably aware of the fact that music can considerably affect the human brain in many ways — it can motivate you, make you happy, encourage you, or even make you fall asleep, among many other things. With this in mind, many enterprises have started utilizing music to their advantage, particularly in the marketing and gambling sectors. Although music and gambling may seem unrelated at first, they are associated in a way and you may have noticed how every song played in the casino is meticulously chosen to make players stay there and play longer. Additionally, the most renowned casinos have live music shows for an even pleasanter experience.

With the increased popularity of online casinos, they too have been implementing music and appropriate sound effects in their games for the reasons we described earlier. When you think of it, it’s an effective psychological tool that has shown fantastic results, and this post will explain the unique relationship between music and gambling.

Online Casinos

Just like in conventional casinos, the music played in online casinos is there for enhancing the atmosphere and creating a real-life casino vibe. Every experienced casino player can already expect what type of songs can be expected, even though players aren’t focused on music while gambling, it’s always in the background and the same applies to gambling online. If you too are interested in trying gambling online, hop over to casino-bros.com/au/ and choose from the list of the most reputable online casino that meets your requirements.

Music Selection In Casinos

Of course, not every type of music works for everyone, and some people may find music that’s commonly widespread in casinos very annoying and tedious. Fortunately, you can simply use the earphones and play the music according to your taste, and there are many great playlists made exclusively for gambling on popular streaming platforms. You probably noticed how the professional players in poker tournaments are using this approach, to help them concentrate and cover the background noise.

Music Tempo

Back in 2007, research has shown that the tempo of music played in casinos is equally significant as the song choice. This research has confirmed that up-tempo music leads to faster betting, while slow-paced music leads to prolonged betting. Essentially, the casinos prefer slow and moody songs with the aim of making players comfortable and enjoying the game, rather than betting quickly and leaving.

Songs Inspired By Gambling

Another interesting and unique relationship between music and gambling is songs that were inspired by gambling. Some of the most well-known are:

  • “Ace of Spades” – Motorhead
  • “The Gambler” – Kenny Rogers
  • “Viva Las Vegas” – Elvis Presley
  • “The Jack” – AC/DC
  • “Tumbling Dice” – The Rolling Stones
  • “Rambling, Gambling Willie” – Bob Dylan
  • “Luck Be A Lady” – Frank Sinatra
  • “Desperado” – The Eagles
  • “Queen Of Hearts” – Juice Newton
  • “The Winner Takes It All” – ABBA

Sound Effects

In addition to music, sound effects play an important role in online gambling and players can hear familiar sound effects that can be heard in land-based casinos. Regardless of the game, there are sound effects for nearly everything, including card shuffling, dice rolling, roulette spinning, and such, and this adds additional realism to online games. What’s more, after winning a jackpot, the online gambling platform usually has special sound effects or music cues for celebration, and this triggers the brain to release the “happy” hormones so that the brain begins associating gambling with pleasure, leading to players wanting to play more.


Every casino, whether online or land-based, wants to keep its customers entertained and comfortable, and music plays a very major role in that. Even when players are on a losing streak, music can certainly enhance their mood and encourage them to continue playing.

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