Theater Review: THE SECRET WORLD OF DANNY LOPEZ (Two Roads Theater in Studio City)

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by Tony Frankel on September 15, 2021

in Theater-Los Angeles


OK, mini caveat: I am friends with Samuel Garza Bernstein, whose new one-man 70-minute show, The Secret World of Danny Lopez, opened last week at Two Roads Theater in Studio City. While I never tire of the ever fascinating Mr. Bernstein, the thought of another solo show written by and starring the performer filled me with dread. But he won me over, as I am a fan of earnestness, great writing and a juicy story well told. It may be possible to expand the tale of Sam’s precocious 10-year-old self into a multi-character play or movie, yet there’s so much to love about his gobsmacking true-life story, told by his childhood alter-ego Danny Lopez, that I yearn to see even more added to this format about his present life as effected by his formative years.

His story has so many twists and turns that a telenovela would blush at being so casual in comparison: A Texas millionaire; a socialistic handsome Jewish father running away from and into more drama; a mother mystery; kidnapping; living in Egypt during wartime; illegally trafficked cheese; and accepted gender nonconformity (in 1970s Texas (!)) all collide in memorable scenes in an airport, a bus, and the back seat of a car. The wickedly eye-popping characters — all brought to life by the utmost of sincerity and a what appears to be a true affection for those who done him wrong — are practically out of a Del Shores play. Most enjoyable is that Sam eschews the thing that ruins most solo shows: an air of victimization. With all of the abuse and neglect he experienced, Sam REVELS in being the star of his own story — a delicious conceit. Director Marc I. Rosenthal keeps things grounded with voice-overs, musical interludes, and videography.

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The Secret World of Danny Lopez
ends on September 26, 2021

Two Roads Theater 4348 Tujunga Ave in Studio City
for tickets ($20), visit Danny Lopez


Vaccination Required for Entrance
Masks Required According to Prevailing LA County
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