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 Free Guy: Is It One of the Best Video Game Movies? 

It is difficult to imagine Ryan Reynolds without seeing him in the Deadpool avatar, sarcastically fighting with evil. However, Ryan has come up with the latest blockbuster titled Free Guy. In this movie, he is playing an entirely different kind of hero. The Canadian actor is playing a gentle and ordinary man named Guy who works as a Bank Clerk.

Contrary to the roles Reynolds has played till now; this one is a complete change. The actor admits that it was a completely new experience for him. He enjoyed playing the innocent and naïve character. Just like online casino real money, the movie is quite exciting to watch.

Six Reasons to Watch It

  •  This film will be your eye-opening experience; 
  •  You will be able to enjoy the unusual plot and creative style of writing;
  •  It can help you try yourself out – to check if you are a nerd or a superhero;
  •  While watching, it is possible to study different types of characters and how they act;
  •  To ensure you can change your life and evolve;
  •  To feel the connection to the world of gamers.

The character lives in a fictional universe known as Free City within a video game. Post a chance encounter with a woman named Millie, who Jodie Comer plays, Guy begins to question the precincts of the digital world surrounding him. As the film moves forward, Guy begins to notice unusual things in his environment. And he eventually discovers that he is the weak background character in a widely popular video game. Owing to some advanced artificial intelligence code, Guy is the only non-playable character in Free City who is capable of thinking and feeling things. Subsequently, he begins to find his everyday life to be dreary.

And if you have seen the film, you cannot blame him; his routine is very bland. He wakes up every morning, greets his pet goldfish, gets ready for work, picks up his coffee, has a polite conversation with the barista, and goes to work. Unfortunately, the bank he works at gets robbed at gunpoint multiple times a day. This is because other characters are trying to earn points in the Free City. Funnily enough, bank employees are getting bored of these frequent robberies.

Groundhog Guy

Irrespective of how bad his injury is, Guy continues his routine as if nothing happened. It also seems like he is destined to experience the same day again and again for infinity. Guy seamlessly blended into the background of the games of other people. But things took a turn after he met Molotov Girl, which is operated by Millie (a real-life character). She helps him understand what is going around him. She recruits Guy to assist her combat Antwan or Taika Waitity, the Free City creator, as she claims Antwan has stolen her IP and code.

The concept begins to look similar to Groundhog Day, but as the climax approaches, it begins to feel like the Truman Show. It is the perfect blend of comedy, action, and science fiction and is a summer box-office hit. The most uncommon thing about Free Guy is the fact that it is an original movie. The film is not a part of any franchise, it is not based on any comic book, and it is not a spin-off or sequel. Instead, it has a fresh idea, which is something that you do not see in movies a lot. Along with playing free pokies, you can watch this movie to keep yourself entertained.

Making it Better

Director Shawn Levy said that you have the script and the movie at a place where it feels perfect. But somehow, you have to make it even better. Considering that there is no scope of relying on a pre-existing fan base or knowledge, there is no other option but to go out there and prove it in a traditional manner. Moreover, it is very rare that the studio allows directors to make a new movie that has a massive budget. He is one of the biggest directors of Hollywood who has given us movies like The Internship and Date Night.

He further added that his favourite thing about this movie is that it has a Taika character’s character mock the value and possibility of releasing something different and unique. The character has a lot of potential for sequels and has a skeptical attitude towards the new.

What’s The Review?

Movie critics are all praises this movie. According to Charlotte O’ Sullivan of the Evening Standard, it is probably the best film of Ryan Reynolds. She added that the journey of exploring the highs and lows of gaming is very natural. However, you do not have to be an expert to get the jokes.

Molly Freeman of Screen Rant said that it is the best video game cinema out there. She added that Free Guy is hilariously entertaining, unexpectedly sweet, and delightfully charming. And Ryan Reynolds perfectly balanced comedy and action. Ed Power from Telegraph, in his review, said that the culture of video games has a trifling streak, and Free Guy leans on it perfectly. There are tons of swearing and a couple of off-colour gages that are aimed at teenage Fortnite lovers. However, along the banter, the film moves around the more profound questions of artificial intelligence and free will.

The Main Challenge

The biggest challenge of Free Guy was creating a massive virtual world for the characters to inhabit. The makers have to strike a perfect balance between being understandable to general viewers and appearing credible. The director said that the team wanted to show the gaming world accurately, and to do that, they have spoken to many game publishers, game designers, and coders. Additionally, they have watched and played tons of games in the pre-production period. However, it was essential to create a movie that does not have any gaming fluency to be accessible for a general audience. The movie is warm, fun, and romantic.

The Final Review 

Free Guy is definitely a crowd-pleaser and shows a good time. If you enjoyed Ready Player One or The Lego Movie, this movie shares somewhat a similar group. Free Guy excels because of its originality. Ensure that you check out the credits on the movie at the end. You will see a lot of names that you perhaps miss while watching the movie. Overall, it is safe to say that it is one of the best video game movies that we have seen.

Reynolds, Levy, Penn, and Lieberman are all names who are well-familiar with sequels and films based on famous names. While Free Guy’s good guy reflects originality, the message is not that all sequels are not bad. To sum it up, Free Guy is made with only one main goal to delight everyone collectively. The movie shows the prominence of individuality while integrating certain imagery. The enjoyable cast holds the movie together.

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