Festival Preview: MÉXICO DE NOCHE (The Ford in L.A.)

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by Nia Liat on September 30, 2021

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México de Noche, which plays October 9, 2021, at The Ford (2580 Cahuenga Boulevard East) in L.A., explores the energetic and eclectic music of Mexican nightlife. Whether it’s listening over a romantic dinner to a special serenade by the iconic duo Pepe Martinez Jr. and Susie Garcia, or walking through a plaza, hearing the all-string and all-female powerhouse mariachi group Las Colibrí, adorned by the colorful Ballet Folklorico Ollín, or dancing the night away to the electrifying cumbias of Viento Callejero, Mexico de Noche offers an enchanting evening under the stars.

For tickets, visit The Ford or at the Hollywood Bowl Box Office from noon to 6pm, Tuesday through Saturday. The Ford Box Office opens two hours before showtime during the season.

LAS COLIBRÍ or “The Hummingbirds” have a passion for music, beauty, and girl power. These women are flying into new territory as one of the most unique ensembles of its genre by returning to the all-string instrumentation of the early 20th-century mariachi tradition and the colorful, feminine costumes of the Mexican cinematic divas of the ’40s and ’50s.

After years of achieving success individually or as instrumentalists and vocalists in various professional arenas, these women have come together to form a string ensemble that is like no other in its genre. Aside from their unique interpretation of traditional sones, huapangos, and rancheras, audiences will also recognize sounds of jazz, rock, oldies, and R&B through their innovative arrangements. With a lovely blend of vocal harmonies, beautiful smiles, and traditional mariachi instrumentation consisting of a guitarrón (bass), guitar, vihuela (soprano guitar), and violins, Las Colibrí are sure to get you laughing, crying, singing and even dancing to their contagious beats and melodies.

VIENTO CALLEJERO represents the newest incarnation of the Latin music movement in Los Angeles. The group breaks down the rhythmic and melodic pulse of cumbia and fuses it with electronic experimental and psychedelic soundscapes. To truly appreciate the intricacies and ingenuity of the group, one must be open and ready to stimulate their neglected frequencies. Viento Callejero has been called “the band that musicians go to watch,” and for good reason. Composed of multi-instrumentalists and producers Gloria Estrada and Tony Sauza, the talented duo seamlessly weave sonic complexity and psychedelic vibes using Afro-Latin Colombian cumbia rhythms

PEPE Y SUSIE, Pepe Martinez Jr., and Susie Garcia, share a special love for each other and an even greater love for Mexican music. Lovingly known as Pepe Jr., Martinez joined the ranks of Mariachi Vargas as a violinist and vocalist in 1993 and enjoyed 25 years of entertaining audiences worldwide. Meanwhile, Susie Garcia began to create her own legacy in the mariachi world, performing with various premier all-female ensembles and spreading her passion for her culture and heritage all across Los Angeles. Now they join together to share their talents and charisma, as they sing in duet and in tandem, creating an intimate, nostalgic and romantic experience.

BALLET FOLKLORICO OLLIN is a non-profit cultural organization founded in 1972. Its primary goal is to preserve and interpret the diverse cultural beauty of Mexico re-created here in California. Through music, dance and folk traditions, Ballet Folklorico Ollin continues their commitment to professionalism and community involvement. Ollin performs continuously throughout the seasons.

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