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4 Cannabis films every user should watch

Over the years many films have been made that focus on cannabis consumption, or even just straight-up partying and consuming absurd amounts of drugs and alcohol. Then there are films that have been created that have become iconic in the stoner film genre, such as Pineapple Express, Dazed and Confused, Cheech and Chong’s: Up in Smoke, and Friday.

Many of these films were groundbreaking and genre establishing, albeit not scoring very high at the time, due to public misconception about marijuana. Through the work of these films, many people were able to see how marijuana was consumed, how the stigmas were being portrayed, and how ridiculous it is that people were thought to be like the characters in the films. This opened up the way for the marijuana market to be what it is now, with its many consumption methods like dry herb vaporizers such as these which can be bought at online stores like MagicVaporizers, and the many other consumption methods that have become popular. So without further ado, here are 4 cannabis films that every consumer should watch to learn more about the culture.

Cheech & Chong’s: Up In Smoke

Cheech & Chong’s: Up In Smoke is one of the most iconic films to have been created and is considered to be a cult classic. The movie was released in 1978 and was directed by Lou Adler and actor and director Tommy Chong.

The story follows Pedro de Pacas played by Cheech Marin, and Anthony Stoner played by Tommy Chong, both unemployed and seen as slackers. Their adventures see them being deported to Mexico where they make a deal to drive a van back to California, unaware of what the van contains, and unwittingly avoid cops that are chasing them along the way. The movie is said to have started the stoner film genre, despite receiving a score of 6.9 on IMDb and 47% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express is another iconic stoner film, directed by David Gordon Green, which has also become somewhat of a cult classic amongst stoners and lovers of comedy alike. The movie was released in 2008 and made $102.4 million at the box office.

The story follows Dale played by Seth Rogen, who is a process server and gets stoned on the job, and Saul who is his drug dealer played by James Franco. Dale witnesses a murder committed by a drug lord and corrupt cop who then figure out how to track them down after Dale drops a joint with a rare strain of marijuana, only sold by Saul. The chemistry between Dale and Saul is perfect as one is prone to panic, and the other is far too mellow, which is why the ratings were so good; 6.9 on IMDb and 68% on Rotten Tomatoes.

Dazed & Confused

If you have heard about or seen movies like Superbad or Project X, then you might want to know that Dazed and Confused was the movie to set the genre for all-out partying, drugs, and drinking absurd amounts of alcohol.

Directed by Richard Linklater and released in 1993, Dazed and Confused stars a who’s who list of actors and actresses from Ben Affleck who plays Fred O’Bannion, Matthew McConaughey who plays David Wooderson, Parker Poser who plays Darla Marks, Jason London who plays Randall “Pink” Floyd, and many more. If you are a fan of stoner films and all-out partying, then you should be sure to check this film out, especially since it scored 7.6 on IMDb and 92% on Rotten Tomatoes.


Friday is yet another iconic stoner film that spoke about more than just consuming marijuana, and taught many lessons about friendships and family. The film was directed by F. Gary Gray, with a budget of only $3,5 million, and generated $27.4 million at the box office.

The movie follows two best friends Craig Jones played by Ice Cube, and Smokey played by Chris Tucker. The film also includes many celebrities, such as Nia Long who plays Debbie, John Witherspoon who plays Mr. Jones, Tom Lister Jr. who plays Deebo, and Tony Cox who plays Mr. Parker, among many others. Craig Jones, who was recently fired, and Smokey, who owes money or product to Big Worm, need to find a way to get the money or product back before facing severe consequences. The movie is made even funnier by the caricatured characters like Deebo the bully, and Joi, played by Paula Jai Parker, who is Craig’s psychotic girlfriend.

This film is a must-see for all who enjoy stoner cult classics, with a rating of 7.3 on IMDb and 78% on Rotten Tomatoes.

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