Album Review: EKUAL (Yumi Ito & Szymon Mika)

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by Tony Frankel on October 28, 2021



Wow. Can you imagine? When I hear “Polish-Japanese-Swiss vocal-guitar duo creates a universe of gentle harmonics, haunting chords, intricate melodies and explorative improvisations”, I assume we are in store for yet another mind-numbing minimalist soundscape. Wrong. Polish-Japanese singer Yumi Ito’s previous effort, Stardust Crystals, was described as neo-classical-art-pop-meets-jazz. Yes, but here, Ito joins jazz guitarist Szymon Mika to create Ekual (out today), and they have somehow managed  to ethereally merge gentle world music, Brazilian breezes, classical clarity, opium-den ostinatos, accessible new music, Segovian strains, and more into one of the tastiest, organic, garden-fresh delights out there. The adventurous range of this duo is an awesome thing, even using improv and spoken word, but it is soulfully unpretentious. Simply dreamy.


Yumi Ito | vocals, whistling, composition, arrangement, lyrics
Szymon Mika | guitar, ronroco, composition
HEVHETIA (in cooperation with Unit Records) | 7 tracks | October 28, 2021 | 47:23
listen here
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Track Listing

1. Minha Flor
2. Float and Drift
3. My Restless Mind
4. Data Beta
5. Longing
6. Running
7. Yumika

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