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Top 5 marijuana moments in movies

Since legalization, the marijuana industry is worth $61 billion in the United States alone demonstrating just how massive and popular this industry is. Especially when considering that you can buy marijuana and all the related accessories at sites like cannacabana.com; never before has marijuana been so accepted. There are also many different ways that you can consume marijuana and more people are embracing this plant which has resulted in it becoming an integral part of our lives. Cannabis culture has also made its way into the entertainment industry and many movies act as a window into our world by portraying marijuana on screen. Cannabis has been an important part of societies, supposedly as far back as 2737 BC. This popularity makes it easy to see why movies are keen to feature marijuana moments that range from comedic or more serious when depicting the harsh reality of addiction for some individuals. For all the marijuana and movie enthusiasts, here is a list of 5 marijuana moments in movies that should go down as classics.

Pineapple Express- Trifecta
Pineapple express is considered one of the greatest marijuana movies to come out of Hollywood and the film stars comedians James Franco and Seth Rogan who is also very open about his love for marijuana. The movie follows pot-smoking Dave and Saul who is his drug dealer as they run for their lives after Dale accidentally drops some weed at a spot where a corrupt cop and a drug lord murder someone. They become fearful after they learn that this specific strain of weed can be traced back to them. There is a specific scene in the movie called the Trifecta scene in which Dave and Saul have a smoking session filled with an abundance of weed and a joint shaped like a cross. The two proceed to get incredibly high, making this scene stand out to fans of the movie. Rumour has it that James Franco and Seth Rogan smoked real weed in this scene.

The Big Lebowski – Nice Marmot Scene
The Big Lebowski is a 1998 movie starring Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. The film is about 2 men who mistake Lebowski for another Lebowski who is a millionaire. They then urinate on his rug and try to repay him for the damage but end up getting themselves entwined in a kidnapping case. One scene, in particular, called the Nice Marmot scene, is a random scene where Lebowski is in a bath relaxing by candlelight and a group of criminals enter his apartment and start vandalizing property. They then proceed to the bath where Lebowski is in and throw a ferret into the water that starts to attack his naked manhood. This scene is especially funny when watched high.

Harold and Kumar- Big Bag of weed
Harold and Kumar are two stoners who get high and decide to indulge their munchies by getting burgers at White Castle; however, on the way to the outlet, they experience a bunch of crazy obstacles. The movie stars Kal Penn and John Cho as well as Neil Patrick Harris. In one hilarious scene, Harold is locked up behind bars and when Kumar goes to visit him, he gets distracted by the smell of a massive bag of weed. The scene then transitions into a Kumar daydreaming about this life-sized bag of weed as his lover. Many people dub this scene as the best one in the movie and true stoners will appreciate the weird and dark humor.

Easy rider- Jack Nicholson on weed
Easy Rider is a 1969 film starring Jack Nicholson. The film follows 2 hippies riding Harley bikes as they travel to Southern California to complete a drug deal. They then decide to embark on a spiritual path in search of truth; however, their journey is met with a lot of conflict and hatred. They then wonder if they will ever find peace living in America. Real weed was actually smoked on camera and in a scene around a campfire, we see Jack Nicholson’s character smoke weed for the first time with much hesitation.

Up in smoke- car scene
Up in smoke follows legendary stoner Tommy Chong as he leaves his strict parents and embarks on a  road trip where he and his friend soon get arrested for drug possession. The famous car scene shows the 2 friends conversing while Tommy lights a thick and massive blunt the size of a burrito that hotboxes the entire car.

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