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Read the qualitative differences
between Winzo and GetMega platform

Do you play card games online? Are you confused about choosing card games apps like Winzo or GetMega? If yes, then this article is for you and you are going to know an exciting online gaming platform. 

Winzo is a gaming app in which you can earn money by playing online. It is one of the most profitable e-sport gaming platforms. You can get many perks after playing games on the winzo gaming app. It provides different games with a variety of genres. You can win real money in the gaming app. Winzo is an easy-to-use gaming platform, which makes it more likable than other gaming apps. 

On the other hand, there is another gaming platform that is GetMega. GetMega is the hub of different types of games such as quizzes, puzzles, adventure and many more.

You can win lots of prizes by winning games in the GetMega app. By playing tournaments in the GetMega gaming app, you can win real money.

Qualitative differences between Winzo and GetMega platform 

In winzo, you will get a variety of games.In GetMega, you can play games according to the genre.
You can earn real money by playing games as well as by referring to others as well. By participating in tournaments, you can earn real money.
There are no advertisements while playing on the winzo app.You might get advertisements frequently during the game.
It has an easy process of withdrawal. You can withdraw your award money even in seconds.You can withdraw your money but there is a limit to withdrawing the money.
The leader board is seen either monthly, weekly and daily.The leader board is available 24×7 that enables the users to check their rankings anytime they want.
Winzo has an easy-to-use interface. Players can play without any complexities. In other words, it has a straightforward interface.GetMega has a user-friendly interface. You can change the interface according to the game. For example, Go pool and rummy have horizontal interfaces. Poker and carrom have a vertical interface.
Winzo can be played on mobile. The display is easy to understand so it makes the game attractive and you might get addicted to the game.The GetMega app has a vertical and horizontal system to play a game. The display of the game is customized accordingly so that you can play without any disturbance.
In the winzo app, you will have real players and their database is available so that you can choose accordingly.The GetMega gaming app has only real players. All the players are verified through a unique mobile number and Meta profile.
Winzo gaming app has a quite large number of games with categorization such as Casual, Card, Action, Esports, Battle Royale and many more are also available.The GetMega gaming app has only three categories: Cards, Casual and trivia. GetMega has all real money games.
Winzo has real and verified players but it is not certified with any gaming Federation.GetMega also has real and verified players so that there is no chance of winning real money by luck. Also, GetMega is certified by RNG and a member of the All India Gaming Federation.
If you refer anyone to the winzo gaming app, you will get rewards and there are no other criteria. If you refer someone to the GetMega app, there is a set criterion to win referral awards. The referrals must be in the referee’s contact book and it is compulsory to play one game in video chat mode.
There is no set value of a signup bonus. You can win a signup bonus according to the game. GetMega has set a signup bonus value that is Rs 5 to play amazing games on the gaming app.
Winzo doesn’t provide any audio-video feature.GetMega is the latest gaming platform thus it provides different attractive features. You can chat with your friends or your team players in this game.
Winzo ensures the security and privacy of your data but cannot guarantee security. GetMega gives a guarantee of security and safety as it is a member of the All India Gaming.


Above, we have given you the qualitative differences between the Winzo gaming app and the Get Mega gaming app. Both gaming platforms have similarities but lots of differences. You can choose according to your priorities. For example, if you want to play a variety of games, then you should go with the winzo app as it has lots of games of different genres such as Casual, Card, Action, Esports, Battle Royale. But if you want to play only a specific game, then you should go with the GetMega app. Similarly, if you are concerned about your safety, then you should go with GetMega as it also ensures the security of your data. At last, there is no luck game, if you want to play for awards then play smartly. All the best!

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