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The 12 Best Scary Movies Ever Keeping viewers on the edge

Are you stressed and full of anxiety? You need to see some monsters coming out of the water and zombies getting out of graves.

Scary movie developers find a way to merge a certain degree of comfort with the nips and kicks.

Facing it is the way to go through it. Meaning, some horror movies may be good for your frame of mind. But in some cases, the dopamine and adrenaline can be released, causing a panic attack.

Research shows that watching frightening movies in a safe environment is more than just a scare and a scream; it’s a process of therapy.

There are some great subgenres for scary movie lovers, such as body horror, sci-fi horror, comedy horror, zombie horror, etc.

If you are in the above camp, and you don’t have to mess with your head, we have some 12 best scary movies for you to watch.

1. The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist is one of the scariest movies ever made. Indeed, Halloween seems to have set the standards for modern horror films.

The movie is about a teenage girl obsessed with a mysterious demonic entity. This forces her mother to seek help from two priests to protect her. If you are a big fan of horror movies, you can start watching Halloween movies in order to get enough of the gore.

2. Candyman (1992)

Candyman holds its scare factor even today. Helen learns of Candyman while completing her thesis about urban legends. Candyman is a spirit that kills people once they mention its name. But, to Helen and her friend’s surprise, they mention Candyman’s name, but nothing happens to them.

3. Wrong Turn (2021)

Some friends go for a hike on the Appalachian Trail. Unfortunately, the locals living in the mountains get hostile. Despite being warned not to hike, a huge tree truck falls and crushes Gary.

4. The Nun (2018)

Two nuns get attacked by some unseen evil forces. One nun manages to flee from the attacker but later hangs herself. Her body is later found by one villager who transports suppliers to the monastery. Nun is full of violence and disturbing bloody images, making it heavy on jump scares. The Nun was Corin Hardy’s one of the best movies and it earned $365.6 million.

5. Impetigore (2019)

Maya, who works as a tollbooth collector with her friend Dini is attacked by a man claimed to be from Harjosari village. Both friends look for ways to survive. Later Maya realizes she can inherit some property from her wealthy family. Will she be able to accomplish her mission?

6. The Shining (1980)

The fact that the film keeps some answers to itself makes it scary. The terrifying moments come from the mysterious nature of the movie.

The film talks about Jack’s family who visits an isolated hotel where a previous caretaker has killed himself and his family. Jack’s son Danny is warned not to visit Room 237. Yet, he visits the room and gets bruised.

7. Army of The Dead (2021)

There happens to be a zombie outbreak when a US military convoy cargo travels from Area 51.

Some soldiers get infected, and they infect a considerable proportion of the city’s population which leads to the people being quarantined. This leads to one of the extreme heists ever tried.

8. Honeydew (2020)

Sam and Rylie visit the rural areas of New England for an investigation about a fungal outbreak.

Their vehicle breaks down, forcing them to camp on a remote farm. The farm owner asks them to leave only to find their car battery dead. Luckily, they get help from a woman (Karen) who later injects Sam with a drug to make him unconscious. Will Sam wake up to regain his consciousness?

9. Twilight Zone (1983)

Two men driving on a country road late at night have a conversation about the movie’s scary moments. The passenger asks the driver if he wants to see something scary. He requests to pull over and immediately transforms into a monster devouring the driver.

10. The Vigil (2019)

The movie is about a strange figure approaching in the background when a boy is forced to kill by a man wearing a black Nazi uniform. The film also describes a man protecting a deceased member belonging to his former Orthodox Jewish community. He later finds himself exposed to a frightening haunting confined in a home believed to be of a wicked entity.

11. Prince of Darkness (1987)

Some scientists and students discover a cylinder in an uninhibited church. Once they open, they find a swirling green liquid believed to be of Satan. The team learns that Jesus Christ had tried to warn the people of the vessel where Satan was trapped in. Later, the liquid escapes, and those exposed to it start attacking others.

12. Paranormal Activity (2007)

Katie and Micah are a couple who seem confused by a demon that disturbs Katie at night. Finally, Dr. Fredrichs advises Katie that the demon is meant to haunt her. Micah uses a camera to see if he can note anything strange. But what does he find?

With a production budget of just $15,000, Paranormal Activity grossed almost $200 million worldwide in 2009, making it one of the most successful movies ever.

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