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The most unusual cinemas in the world

The cinema we are used to is a place with lots of seating and a large screen opposite, but some of them create such a magical atmosphere in which you want to immerse yourself. Let’s see at the most unusual cinemas around the world.

Electric Cinema in Notting Hill. For sirs and madam

It is considered one of the oldest working cinemas in the UK. It is all imbued with the spirit of the country, looking at it, you remember real British gentlemen from high society – with a glass of alcohol and a cigar under a narrowed gaze from the smoke.

The cinema, opened in 1910, became one of the first London buildings to be supplied with electricity – this is apparently reflected in the name – Electric Cinema.

At that time, silent cinema was in vogue (there was simply no other one), so the institution, apparently, was positioned not so much as a place for watching films, but as for a pleasant pastime with appropriate service. Therefore, there are comfortable sofas, small tables, ottomans, and lamps placed throughout the hall.

The cinema was open during the Second World War, the audience was not stopped by the danger of dying during the bombing of the city by Nazi Germany. In the 60s of the last century, Electric Cinema switched to “cinema is not for everyone” in order to match the tastes of bohemia then reigning. Later, they tried to convert the building into an institution selling antique art objects, but British people defended the cinema.

Archipelago Cinema. Movies on the rafts of fishermen

A cinema on the water, and some kind of ocean one. Unfortunately, it is already closed, but we must mention the project of the German architect Ole Scheeren. According to him, the object was supposed to create a sense of the finiteness of being and the randomness of everything that happens.

A cinema was being erected on ocean water in a small lagoon surrounded by cliffs for the 2012 Film on the Rocks festival. In designing the structure and choosing the materials for it, the architect was inspired by local customs and culture that originated in the fishing villages of Thailand. According to Scheeren’s plan, the picture projected onto the screen should, as it were, hang in the air in pitch darkness.

After the festival passed, the collapsible structure was sent to travel the world, then to be returned to the place of construction and given to fishermen and lobster catchers as rafts, which symbolized the grounds of the floating cinema.

Reel Cinemas in Dubai

You will almost certainly not be able to find a richer offer than in Dubai. The audience here is very demanding, so the surroundings should be appropriate. The main thing for the Reel Cinemas complex is not technology (although this is not the last aspect at all), but the comfort of the audience. In a word, “VIP luxury comfort”.

The chain approached the design of the halls taking into account not quite ordinary requirements. The cinema is actually a restaurant with a large screen. Moreover, the chef is eminent here, and the cuisine is “five-star”. The main thing is that the film is suitable, so that zombie horror films are unlikely to be shown here.

In another hall, there are “love seats”, in which it is convenient to sleep, but not to watch a movie. And at the same time, you can have a snack without getting up. Unless it will crunch not a package with dried sprat, but a lobster shell.

The chain has recently opened a new auto cinema. Nothing particularly, except for the car fleet – the country is rich. So if you want to join one day, rent a car in JLT in Dubai, and welcome!

“The End of World Cinema”

This project was conceived and partially implemented by the Frenchman Diynn Eadel in the late 90s of the last century. The artist decided to place an open-air cinema in the desert on the Sinai Peninsula and even realized part of what was planned: chairs were installed, a generator was brought to provide energy, and a premiere was planned.

The cinema was supposed to be a tourist attraction, but then something went wrong. Probably, the local government was dissatisfied with the initiative of the newcomer, and the “startup” was never launched: the generator mysteriously went out of order.

“Cinema” remained in the desert, resembling the appearance of the world of “Mad Max”. Dry weather preserved the rows of seats, which remained in place for a long time, slowly crumbling under the influence of winds and temperature changes.

Everything changed after the Estonian photographer Kaupo Kikkas visited the area and posted the pictures on the network. “The End of World Cinema” gained viral popularity, and after a short time was destroyed. Either the authorities tried, or the vandals – “science does not know this.” In addition, a little later, the Egyptian government closed the area for visiting, and the post-apocalyptic cinema remained only in the photo.

Hot Tub Cinema. Sitting with friends in the same bath

And we will complete the selection with the most “relaxing” type of cinema – Hot Tub Cinema. The idea is to organize collective movie screenings while sitting in a hot tub (in fact, more often in an inflatable pool with heated water). At the same time, the “cinema” can be located anywhere – it is not a completely stationary object.

The official Hot Tub Cinema has been popular in the UK (there are several locations here), as well as the US and Ibiza, but there is also a “franchise”.

Usually, some unusual place is chosen for movie screenings. It can be the roofs of buildings, abandoned railway stations, factories, and so on – any location that the organizers liked and where it would be safe to hold such an event.

One “bath” can accommodate up to six people, but it will be cramped. And according to the rules, you cannot take off swimming trunks and swimwear while watching films. But you can drink soft drinks. Here, by the way, it is not the rolling tapes that are shown in full in “real” cinemas, but the classics of the past.

Currently, Hot Tub Cinema is not working – either the coronavirus has been affected, or the idea has faded.


All over the world, they began to make cinemas creatively. And this is correct because it is here that people are enriched with emotions, enjoying not only what is happening on the screen, but the created atmosphere around.

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