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Peaky Blinders Sets Scene For Dramatic Sixth Season

The long wait for the sixth, and final series of Peaky Blinders finally came to an end over the weekend, as Tommy and the rest of the family returned to our screens. There have been no shortage of potential fan theories relating to the final series on and we may have got some answers in the opening episode, but there are still so many left to answer.

Michael vs Tommy

The plot for the sixth season looks apparent for all to see, as Michael and Tommy appear to be on a collision course. Picking up from four years after the failed assassination attempt on Oswald Mosley, Michael has joined forces with a gang in the United States, led by Gina’s Uncle Jack. Polly’s son is hell-bent on getting revenge on Tommy, as he blames the Peaky Blinders leader for the death of his mother. He stated at her cremation that he would be getting revenge.

The two faced off in one of the best scenes in the opening episode, as Michael and Tommy’s gangs looked to cut a deal following the end of prohibition in North America. The scene ends with Tommy handing Michael a briefcase of opium, before calling in the crime to officers in the US; leading to Michael being arrested. Once again, the two square off before Tommy’s departs for England, as he states that he will be only too happy to show Gina around the sights in London.

That is another interesting development that we learned from the opening episode, as there seems to be some kind of chemistry between Tommy and Gina. The prior paid Gina a visit before leaving for England, as he admitted to setting up Michael in a bid to force Uncle Jack’s hand and strike a deal. The two will likely see each other again when Gina arrives in England, and it will be interesting to see what develops.

Ruby’s Vision Sends Tommy Into A Frenzy

One of the most important scenes comes towards the end, as a poignant moment between Tommy and Lizzie turn the leader of the Peaky gang into a frenzy. Lizzie reveals that Tommy’s daughter has been unwell with a fever, and recalled a Gypsy saying that she had been saying in her sleep, while she also claimed to see a man with green eyes.

The phrase as ‘Tikna Mora O Beng’, which sent fans wild as they quickly tried to work out what the saying translates to. The saying loosely has something to do with the devil and death, and Tommy immediately pleads with Lizzie to seek out Johnny Dog’s and put a black Madonna around Ruby’s neck, and also instructed his wife to keep his daughter away from horses and rivers.

Beautiful Aunt Polly Send Off

One of the biggest questions that fans had regarding the sixth season was just how Steven Knight was going to write out the late-great Helen McCrory. The answer- she was killed by the IRA as the organisation wanted to deal directly with Tommy, and didn’t want anyone in their way when trying to speak to the leader of the Peaky Blinders. There was a sense that fans knew who’s body was in the third body bag when Tommy was opening it, but that couldn’t stop fans on social media weeping at the thought of Polly’s demise.

The cremation was also perfectly done, with all family members around the burning caravan with nothing but the sounds of whistling trees. A final memorial was at the end of the episode, as the credits paid commemoration to McCrory, with no sound over the top. It was a beautiful send off for the star.

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