by Aveline MacQuoid on March 19, 2022

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Previously, society perceived the series as something strange and the only kind of them was a sitcom. Now they have become an integral part of most people’s leisure time, and sometimes an engine of social change. In this article, we will try to figure out how series affect our lives and why they are so popular now.

Why series are so popular right now

From the early 1950s to the late 1990s, the series format remained almost unchanged: most often they were soap operas. The peak of their popularity came with the release of such a hit as Friends. But despite the increased interest of the audience, the series still remained a television product with a vertical plot: with such a construction of the narrative, each episode tells a separate story, so it was possible to include a sitcom from any episode.

Researchers note that in our time, the attitude to the production and viewing of TV shows has changed radically. What is it connected with?

Firstly, the advent of high quality video (4K and Ultra HD) has affected the perception of viewers. This has secured the future of movies and series: according to Netflix management, in a few years it will be difficult to find a TV that does not support Ultra HD. You can watch 4K videos on most streaming services as well as YouTube.

Now we have smoothly approached the fact that, secondly, a platform has appeared on the Internet on which anyone can publish their series. Now there are a huge number of channels that are engaged in the production of films and series. As a rule, they don’t even have to buy YouTube views to get good statistics. Users love to watch the content of talented directors who are not represented on major sites.

Also, everyone has heard of the Indian TV series phenomenon. In this country, new series appear literally every day. They have occupied both the sphere of television and YouTube. The Indian series consistently break records in statistics all over the world. At first it seemed to users that the authors simply buy views on YouTube to make themselves known all over the world, but as practice has shown, this is really popular.

Series are new novels?

As a rule, if a person is used to watching TV shows every day, then it is extremely difficult for them to get rid of this habit. People who decide on such an experiment feel that they fall out of the agenda, skipping new episodes.

Unfortunately, series are crowding out literature from everyday life due to the influence of the information society. In developed countries, many employees are engaged in data processing and reading various documents. They are overloaded with information during the day, so they are not ready to pick up a book again when they come home.

As far as series are concerned, this is a great way for many to relax and spend time between dinner and bedtime. It really forms a habit, especially if these are projects with a lot of seasons. Such a cyclic model meets the needs of the consumer society and forms a dedicated target audience that is beneficial for manufacturers.

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