by Aveline MacQuoid on April 26, 2022

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Nowadays, the purpose of smartphones has gone beyond their traditional use. Today, smartphones are not only used to send messages, make phone calls, take pictures or access the internet. An added benefit of smartphones is the display which enables users to view and stream their favourite movies for entertainment.

In fact, based on Marketing Charts, it is hard for some people to imagine living without smartphones. While a good number of people are used to viewing movies at the cinema, in this text, we shed some light on why smartphones are great for watching films today. Who knows, you can end up saving some extra bucks when you learn how to do this.

     1. Time-Management

One of the biggest reasons smartphones are awesome for viewing movies is they save a lot of time. Watching your preferred videos or movies can be done in an instant. Not much is required, apart from a few taps and swipes on the screen to get going. This is why Mobility Arena reiterates the norm of viewing movies on smartphones. With a phone, users decide when to start and can choose when to pause in between movies.

This is especially helpful for people who do not have much time. For instance, it favours individuals who travel a lot and those who have short break periods at work. With smartphones, they do not have to set out an entire day or period to see a movie.

     2. Collection and Storing

Smartphones have really changed the way entertainment is experienced. StageandCinema.com and many other websites show this and one such way is the ability to collect and store media. Today, we have many apps like Netflix that allow users to add and grow their movie collections. These platforms also let you store them in an organized and neat way.

This is another important factor that makes smartphones a good choice for seeing movies. It ensures that you always have a wide range of options to select from whenever you want. In fact, some of these mobile applications have additional features like passcode protection. This is especially useful if you have children. And with parental controls, you can select the content that is suitable to watch for youngsters.

     3. Portability

Another reason smartphones are good for watching movies is that they can be used anywhere and at almost any time. Smartphones are very portable and as such, you can take your movies along with you and watch them on the go. No other device can offer you this type of ease as phones do.

This means that wherever you might find yourself, you are good to go. Whether school, workplace, or the comfort of your apartment, smartphones offer you an easy way to access movies. Of course, this universal usability can be much attributed to its portability.

     4. Movie-themed Games

If you have just watched a movie and are still in the spirits, chances are there are tons of themed games you can play on your smartphone. Two of the best pastimes; gaming and movies can only be better when they are combined. All around the world, movie-themed games are gaining traction. In particular, South Africa enjoys mobile games like the Amazing Spider-Man and Batman. In addition, players who like to add thrilling play movie-themed slots like Spiderman and Harry Potter. Better yet, for South African players, on the same platforms, you can play table games, and review sites such as Casinos.co.za is there to help. The site assists in finding the best online casinos that offer the most generous welcome bonuses. In addition, comprehensive reviews are provided as well as advice on how to get started.

     5. Convenience

Another reason smartphones are great for viewing films today is they provide a lot of comfort for users. When viewing through a smartphone, you can watch while eating or lying down. You can also take the movie wherever you wish while listening with your headphones.

Alternatively, you may choose to watch with subtitles or even both. You can pause it easier, you can put it in the pocket or facedown and imagine the scene in your head. You can even watch at home in bed with snacks and popcorn while you enjoy your privacy!



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