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by Aveline MacQuoid on May 22, 2022

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3 Films for a Cozy Weekend

If you are tired from the routine and office load, spending a weekend at home might be a good idea. And we have collected the three films that will help you not be bored. On the contrary, you will enjoy the time spent without going anywhere.

Undeniably, reloading at home is a useful habit. Not always should your weekends be spent actively and meaningfully. You can enjoy your favorite Yukon Gold Casino games or watch one of the movies we have selected. Check them out.

The Intern (2015, USA)

This movie is for those who are scared of aging. Ben Whittaker (Robert De Niro) is a charming pensioner who proves that life can be fulfilling, regardless of age. It all starts when Ben decides not to turn his life into an expectation of death. He is already more than 70, but he finds a job as an intern in a successful online shop.

Ben needs to learn how to use a PC, what an open-space office is, and prove that at 70, one can be much more energetic than many young colleagues. Rollerblading around the office and understanding business does not imply being happy. Ben shares his experience and knowledge with his young colleagues, and the audience is fuelled by his inexhaustible energy.

A Good Year (2006, US)

This movie tells us the story of an Englishman in France who sells the business of his family to Americans. Do not expect any epicness in this movie – this film is about the soul, French wine, and making life worth living for.

The protagonist spent his summer in Provence, at his uncle’s winery. In this sunny paradise under the influence of his uncle, the boy learned to appreciate simple but important things in life, be honest and live decently, but London changes him very quickly. Max becomes a stock trader. When Uncle Henry dies, Max goes back to Provence with the purpose of selling the business of his family. After falling into an empty pool, Max remembers the lessons of his uncle. And the hero has to get out from the bottom, in all the senses.

Just Go with It (2011, US)

Danny Maccoby is going to get married, but right before the wedding, he finds out that his future wife is unfaithful. The heartbroken guy is desperate, he goes to a bar and gets acquainted with a girl. She notices the ring on his finger, and Danny tells her a story about his terrible wife. The new acquaintance is so impressed with the story that she decides to console this unhappy guy she has met in the bar.

Pity spawned a sly pickuper: Danny starts using an engagement ring and unbelievable stories about his not-existing wife to get sympathy from girls he meets. And the scheme turns out to be perfect until Danny falls in love. Palmer is not stupid and wants to meet Danny’s terrible wife in person, thus, making sure that she really exists. A man hires his assistant Katherine for this role. Danny, Palmer, Katherine, her children, and another swindler (playing the role of Katherine’s new boyfriend) go to Hawaii where this already perplexing situation is heating up even more.

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