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You may have a word count representing the minimum number of words the paper must include. If you fail to meet it, you may lose some points. This requires you to be a little more inventive in your essay writing.

However, you must be careful not to write fluff or anything that does not make sense while doing so. Even when you plan to lengthen your essay, you must pay close attention to the substance you write. Do not simply write words to achieve the minimum word count requirement. You must first consider what you will write about.

That said, long-form essays can be difficult for some students. If you are among those students, you can enlist the help of professional writing service companies to write your essay to meet the minimum word count.

Use these suggestions to lengthen your essay.

Make sure you have everything you’ll need for the essay
When you encounter a snag with your essay, the first thing you should do is double-check that you have included everything. Examine the rubric you used to make sure you covered all of the points the instructor wanted you to cover in your paper. A section devoted to the counter-argument may be why your work falls short of the required word count. You may also notice that you missed anything, allowing you to lengthen your essay.

Use transitional phrases
Using transitional phrases is one technique to improve the flow of your essay. This has always been the case, but did you realize you may utilize it to lengthen your essay? Because they take up space, transitional phrases can be utilized to lengthen an essay. You can, for example, use ‘on the other hand’ to lengthen your sentence and, eventually, your essay. It may  be a long trick, but it is worth trying.

Spell out numbers
It’s possible that writing numerals will not help you write a longer essay. You can spell them out, especially those that are less than 10. Instead of writing the number six, you can spell it out as six.’ This not only lengthens but also improves the professionalism of your essay.

Spell out contractions instead of writing them
If you can avoid using contractions as much as possible, your essay will be longer. For example, instead of ‘they’re,’ write ‘they are.’ Instead of “it’s,” you can write “it is.” This lengthens your essay and gives it a more formal appearance.

As a result, if you want to know how to make an essay longer, avoid utilizing “don’ts,” “won’ts,” and “can’ts,” and instead write them in their entirety. If you don’t have enough materials or the time to write your essay, you can reach out to a professional writer and tell them “write my essay.” You will have a quality essay with the minimum word count ready in the deadline specified in your order.

Reduce the use of pronouns
Specificity on names rather than pronouns can help you lengthen your essay whenever possible. Instead of writing “they,” you may write Marcus, Joseph, and Tony. However, you must be careful how you employ the names because it may cause your essay to become too long. To make your essay as engaging and lengthy as possible, you must use the appropriate degree of specificity.

Remember to provide supporting materials
Include any quotations, anecdotes, or other evidence that you believe supports your point of view in your essay. It’s an excellent technique to learn how to make a paper longer. However, be certain that the supplementary content you use is relevant to the topic and, by far, your thesis statement. If you’re using quotes or paraphrasing research or other sources, be sure you correctly cite them. Citations are also a crucial part of lengthening your essay.

Make your introduction and conclusion long
The opening and conclusion are often brief. As a result, try writing a longer conclusion as a method for lengthening your essay. For example, you could introduce some background information about the topic. This makes it easier for you to add more words, which will help you meet the word count requirement sooner. When writing your conclusion, try to make it as long as feasible. Cover every point you’ve mentioned, but make sure it’s in a nutshell. By including meaningful phrases in your conclusion, you will have extended the length of your essay.

In your writing, try to be a little more descriptive to make your essay longer. This provides you with some new words to help you extend the work. This may sound excessive, especially if you’re writing a science paper, but it’s a valuable tactic to employ, even if just briefly. It will help you stay well under the required word count. Pay for an essay to be written by a professional writer to have a high-quality essay ready for submission.

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