by Aveline MacQuoid on July 12, 2022

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Spies have long held a strong power of fascination, and in cinema even more so. Fritz Lang paved the way in 1928 with his atmospheric Spione. And espionage thrillers have come a long way since then. The spy movie genre has granted us some of the most exhilarating scenes ever brought to the silver screen. So, from gritty foreign dramas to action-packed adventures, here are four spy films to check out.

North by Northwest (1959)

When two Hollywood icons meet, a legend is already born. In North by Northwest, Cary Grant puts on the shoes of Roger Thornhill, an ad executive who gets wrongly kidnapped after being suspected to be a secret agent. As he escapes his abductors, Thornhill gets entangled with Cold War enemies and a puzzling woman by the name of Eve Kendall (Eve Marie Saint).

Directed by the master of thrillers, Alfred Hitchcock, North by Northwest tells a gripping story of mistaken identities, government secrets, and covert organizations. The Hitchcock picture to end them all, as screenplay writer Ernest Lehman put it, was universally hailed as a masterpiece upon its release. Six decades later, the second highest-rated spy movie on IMDb still ranks among the most outstanding motion pictures of all time.

The Lives of Others (2006)

Movies set during the Cold War are commonplace across the spy genre. But none seems to transcribe the flavor of the times better than this German drama. Set in 1984 in East Germany, The Lives of Others follows a Stasi officer instructed to conduct surveillance on a playwright (Georg Dreyman) and his actress girlfriend (Martina Gedeck). But as he monitors their every move, Gerd Wiesler (Ulrich Mühe) soon finds himself entrapped in their lives. 

With unexpected twists and remarkable acting performances, critics applauded The Lives of Others. The film even secured an Academy Award in 2007 for Best Foreign Language Film. The German picture also had a tremendous impact on its native country. Released less than two decades after the Berlin Wall fell, it brought gravitas and depth to a loaded historical topic. Director Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck’s real-life upbringing in East Germany added an extra level of authenticity to an already riveting story.

Mission Impossible – Fallout (2018)

The Mission Impossible series has left a lasting mark on the action spy movie genre. The original film struck a massive commercial success in 1996. Several A-list directors took after Brian De Palma before Christopher McQuarrie revived the franchise with its highest-grossing entry. Fans lauded Mission Impossible – Fallout for its stellar cast and cinematography.

But the action sequences stole the show by a long shot. From an epic helicopter chase to a brutal bathroom confrontation, the movie pushed the limits of the genre unprecedently. And Tom Cruise did not shy away from the most reckless action scenes as he pulled off all stunts, going as far as doing a HALO jump into Paris. The American superstar even broke his ankle on set, attempting to jump between buildings.

Casino Royale (2006)

James Bond might be the world’s most iconic secret agent. And Casino Royale is a strong contender for the best Bond flick. Daniel Craig’s first appearance as Agent 007 acted as a reboot showing a vulnerable side to Bond. The 21st installment in the series, thus, began a narrative arc that would culminate in 2021’s No Time to Die. Critics praised Craig’s layered and emotional portrayal. Casino Royale also went down in cinema history for its unforgettable opening sequence. 

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Transcending time and borders, spy movies are cinema at its best. And we’ve only brought you a handful of films. So, are you a fan of nerve-racking storytelling and intriguing characters? There are many more spy stories to keep you on edge.

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