by Aveline MacQuoid on August 31, 2022

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Top 4 Legendary Films about Racing

Films about racing are one of the brightest, driving, exciting genres of cinema! A large number of people prefer this genre as their favorite. Cinema does not skimp on the creation of films of this genre, because it is not difficult to create a list of cool films about cars! Top 10 legendary films about racing, let’s go!

Baby Driver
The famous film, released in 2017. The plot of the film develops around the main character, whose nickname, as it is easy to guess, is the Kid. At some point in his life, the Kid took a car from the wrong person and got into his subordination. After a while, the boy becomes a driver who is engaged in transporting robbers. The character is trouble-free, he listens to his boss and never says “no” to him. The main character copes with the tasks extremely professionally and proves himself as a cool racer. But one day the Kid falls in love and decides to end up with a dangerous field of activity. But his past life is definitely unlikely to let him go…

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Ford vs. Ferrari
The film was released only three years ago. It is simply impossible not to mention this film in our list. Despite the fact that the film was released relatively recently, he has already become a legend. The plot, based on real events, tells how a crisis begins in one of the most famous brands of the ATO. In order to support the brand, it is necessary to win the race, which is what the main character takes on!

Death Race
This film will be somewhat different from those that we have cited earlier. The main difference is that the center of the picture is far from the racing process, the preparation for it and the cars. In the center of the picture are human experiences, feelings and good goals. If you are ready to worry about the main character as yourself and family values are close to you, watch this movie! We are sure he will not leave you indifferent.

Continuing the topic with James Statham, let’s talk about the movie “Safe”. This picture will also be more about the feelings, experiences and hardships of human life than about racing. The plot revolves around a character who loses everything at the moment – work, family, happiness… There is no hope for a normal life anymore, but suddenly there is a little girl who has no one to take care of. The main character acquires a new meaning of life, but will he cope with such a task – protecting a person who is being hunted by the mafia of different countries? Let’s find out!


Here is such a selection of the most worthy films about cars we have released. Danger, speed, rules violations, feelings, families, joy and sadness. There is everything here to brighten up your evening! We hope that at least one of these films will make your time enjoyable and entertain you and your loved ones! Enjoy watching!

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