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Celebrities Who Have Been Spotted Vaping

Vaping has reached such a state in society that it is considered an art.

Today there are about 40 million vapers in the world, and it includes some of the big and famous faces in Hollywood who have been spotted with e-cigarettes.

Starting from A-list actors to sports stars, vaping is pretty popular among celebs, so much so that they have introduced their own brands of vaping.

So, in this article, we will put forth a few A-listers and influencers who have been spotted vaping.

  1. Leonardo Di Caprio

The A-lister oscar-winning actor has been spotted with his e-cigarettes most of the time. Di Caprio has been puffing vapes on red carpets, award shows, and movie premieres.

As per various reporting magazines, the actor uses different vape pens and box mods. One of the vape pens he is frequently spotted with is the stylish and sleek-looking Hyde n bar 4500 Puffs Rechargeable disposable.

  1. Simon Cowell

We popularly know him as a tough critic in talent shows. However, he is a man with taste and style. At least, his stylish-looking vape pen speaks so, which he often takes to his work and premieres.

The actor even said in an interview that switching to vaping made him feel he had taken a step in the right direction!

  1. Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson, the 83-year-old superstar singer, is another greatest supporter of vaping. He is a true marijuana enthusiast and started vaping a long time back.

He has often been spotted vaping around some of the best vape shop and even carries his vaporizer in music studios and award functions.

His vaping cause is so true that he has even started his own brand of vapes.

  1. Katherine Heigl

The actor who stars in the famous show “Grey’s Anatomy” has been recently spotted with her vape pen in the “David Letterman” show.

She proudly took out her vape pen and started creating smoke clouds in the show, accompanied by the host himself, creating quite an amusement for the audience.

She has also been spotted vaping in various restaurants and vanity cars.

  1. Bruno Mars

The story of vaping for Bruno Mars is quite emotional. After his mother passed away, Bruno made sure that he quit smoking and thus switched to e-cigs.

He has been quite vocal about his vaping habits and has often been spotted with his vape pen in restaurants, studios, and movie premiers.

  1. Lindsay Lohan

A party fan, Lindsay Lohan, the star from ‘Mean Girls’ have been often spotted vaping while reading her scripts, relaxing in her vanity van, and even in her makeup room.

One of the popular devices she is spotted puffing in is the Elf Bar bc5000 Disposable vape.

  1. Zac Effron

Zac Effron has been saying on various talk shows that he made a better decision by switching to electronic cigarettes.

In fact, recently, he was spotted with a vape pen while driving in LA with his friends.

  1. Jimmie White

The snooker Jimmy White has been spending much time with his sleek-looking vape pen in snooker halls.

Besides, most vape shops are today behind sporting areas, where Jimmy has been seen regularly vaping in between contests.

  1. Katy Perry

Katty Perry pulls both singing and vaping in style.

She has often been spotted with her friends vaping with a beer, on the other hand. She mainly uses a refillable vape pen.

End Thoughts

So, these are some of the names of celebrities who have been spotted vaping in many instances. However, this list is adding more names day by day.

Today vaping has reached every dimension of society, and it is even fancied by top celebrities. So, go get your vape today and puff in the style of your favorite celeb!

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