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The Best-Rated Marvel Movies of All Time

The game-changing Iron Man from 2008, which launched a franchise with massiveness in mind, is considered to be the official start of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With Eternals making waves at the box office and Shang-Chi and Legend of the Ten Rings injecting the MCU with a blast of martial arts style, the MCU has firmly re-accelerated.

Marvel’s superheroes have seeped into different entertainment industries including movies, with blockbusters like the below on our list and various merchandise of individual and combined characters from clothing to home décor and back-to-school items for kids. Marvel’s popularity is also evident in the gaming industry. Video games of superheroes are abundant with Spider-Man always being at the top of the list, followed by Marvel’s Avengers released in 2020 and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance in 2006. Fans of the gambling industry will also find various slot games, mostly developed by the software producer Playtech which produces slots for various top casinos including Borgata Casino which has one of the best-rated no deposit casino bonus.

But the route hasn’t always been smooth. We’ve ranked the top 10 films released thus far—all blockbusters, but some more so than others—threatening the wrath of fervent spectators. The most recent superhero to join the fray? Thor: Love and Thunder, a film by Taika Waititi. But does Thor make it in our list? Keep on reading to find out more!

10. Thor: The Dark World (2013)

This superhero film feels like it could have been produced by anyone and no one, a stumbling jumble of Mythology 101 test answers, generic LOTR-like combat sequences, and Anthony Hopkins roaring in his finest Shakespearean baritone. It serves only as filler before the upcoming huge alliance.

9. Eternals (2021)

Supergroup fantasy by Chloé Zhao was criticised for being under- and overstuffed with plot. Amid the super-punches and awkward family meals, this adventure also manages to fit in the MCU’s first sex scene, although a very mild one. It also introduces wild, cosmic themes about evolution and ancient history. Its popularity among many Marvel fans is greatly outweighed by its box office earnings. Time will tell if those deeper themes help it gain more traction or if, like its heroes, it remains on the periphery of the MCU.

8. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Perhaps there is a script out there somewhere that can elevate this entertaining but lifeless sequel. For its appearances to be effective, Doctor Strange’s multiverse-spanning quest for the McGuffin penalises WandaVision viewers by abruptly ruining the show’s carefully planned character development. Even though some Sam Raimi-isms occasionally conjure up horror-adjacent craziness, it more frequently settles for studio-packaged cheese instead of satisfying schlock.

7. Thor: Love and Thunder (2022)

While falling somewhat short of Ragnarok‘s laser-focused chaos, Taika Waititi’s two-hour frolic of Norse action is plenty of jokes and features Christian Bale as Gorr the God Butcher, one of the MCU’s most formidable villains to date. But because of its (relatively) little running time, Jane Foster’s return as the Mighty Thor feels hurried, which adds to the Phase 4 entry’s shapeless plot, which is frequently as infuriating as it is entertaining.

6. Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings (2021)

Marvel’s 1970s series of kung fu comics featured racial stereotyping and was frequently monotonous, but they at least provided us with this entertaining adaptation. An origin narrative with a cast that is nearly entirely Asian pays homage to classic kung fu, wuxia, and Hong Kong action while ever sacrificing enjoyment. Simu Liu is a remarkably captivating hero, and it’s high time the MCU tried out karaoke.

5. The Avengers (2012)

The Marvel Comics Universe finally unites for the shared goal of destroying nasty alien snake creatures. In plain English, that means there are numerous superheroes in a single film. Director Joss Whedon, who remembers to make things light-hearted, humorous, and generally enjoyable, is this situation’s superhero.

4. Spider-Man: No Way Home (2021)

Marvel’s multiverse finally made an appearance after much build-up, expectation, and deceit, and boy, was it enjoyable. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s equivalent of the NBA all-star game, a clutter (if that’s the collective word) of Spider-men gathers to face off against a roster of classic Spidey villains. Tom Holland, who is note-perfect, charming, and yet vulnerable, is right in the middle of it all, demonstrating once more that he was meant to throw webs.

3. Thor: Ragnarok (2017)

Even if the outrageous Ragnarok surpasses Guardians of the Galaxy in humour as the funniest Marvel film to date, there are still some issues. There are too many superpowered MacGuffins in the typical third act CGI extravaganza, and we would have lost the Flame of Thingamajig very quickly. But it’s a delight to see one turning on the disco lights in a world of ominous blockbusters.

2. Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Here is the multiplex-rattling and oddly emotional conclusion of the MCU—at least until the next instalment—arriving with the impetus that only 21 prior worldwide blockbusters can offer. Endgame frequently pays homage to itself, which makes it both fascinating and self-aware. It taps into the dynamic tension between gloomy tragedy and phoenix-like regeneration that comics excel at capturing.

1. Black Panther (2018)

Marvel’s best film, pound for pound, is provocative and satisfying in ways that are long overdue—like its ornate, culturally dense production design and the deeper subtexts of honour, compassion, and destiny. It is skilfully directed by Creed‘s Ryan Coogler and features an enviable cast of black actors that makes cameoing comics godhead Stan Lee almost seem lost.

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