by Aveline MacQuoid on September 28, 2022

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3 Types of Movie Binge for the Colder Months

The passing of summer can bring about a sense of sadness for many people, but it’s important to remember the kinds of benefits that can come with the colder months and seasons. Initially, this might be obvious in the novelty that comes with holidays such as Halloween or Christmas, but this is also a time for you to carve out your own memorable events.

For example, this is a great time to enjoy movie binges or marathons, as the colder weather encourages you to bundle up on the sofa with a slew of snacks to choose from. However, there are many types of movies to binge, and you might not be familiar with all of them.

The Fun-Bad Spectrum

When you think of a movie critically, you likely place it somewhere along a spectrum that has ‘bad’ on one side and ‘good’ on the other. Movies that are technically ‘bad’ but fun to watch then become quite difficult to place because it makes you think about whether you rank a movie on its objective quality or on how much you enjoyed it. Watching these kinds of light, fun to laugh at films can result in a relaxing way to spend an evening, especially if you’re with friends.

Of course, it can be a tough balance to get right, and sometimes they’ll just be plain bad, but the secret of a binge is to have your phone on hand for some casual browsing or real money casino games Australia for when the movies get dire.

Horror Films

This is a classic go-to for when Halloween starts to roll around, and as this is a time that’s fairly early on in the lineup of colder months, this can be a great way to mark the tonal shift from summer to what’s next. Horror films might sound like a one-trick pony, but there is a surprising amount of variety in what’s available here, especially recently as you get films that are more artistically motivated, such as The Witch or Midsommar.

With this in mind, your binge doesn’t have to become a one-note streak of jump-scare films, unless that’s what you like, of course, but the variety might help to keep this interesting for everyone involved, as well as being a good way to celebrate the holiday.

Fantasy Films

Perhaps what you’re looking for is some escapism, a way to get completely lost in the fiction of the film. If this is the case, lining up some classic fantasy might be what you’re looking for. A binge here might mean that you watch a whole series at once, as is popular with the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but it might also be that you find a common theme running through unrelated films and use them to tie them together. This might be a unifying actor or director, or it might be an aesthetic quality. It’s important to note the variety of experiences available here as well, with films like the Green Knight moving into more surreal territory than other films in the genre.

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