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Rings of Power is the latest series on Prime Video. It is a prequel to the famous movies Lord of the Rings. This series tells us about the story of the rise of Sauron and how elves make rings using a special core from dwarves’ mountains.

In this blog, I’ll tell you about the first episode of this series, and how you can stream it on your Firestick device. I’ll also give you some tips about free streaming on your Firestick device.

How to Stream Rings of Power Using Firestick?

I watched Rings of Power on my Firestick device using the official sponsor, Prime Video. However, you can also use several other methods and platforms to stream this show.

Several apps, websites, and add-ons offer free streaming links to movies, websites, live TV, and more. Some popular streaming apps like Prime Video, Cinema APK, Cyberflix TV, Kodi, BeeTV, and more are one of the best options to stream this show on a Firestick device. Now, let me tell you about the first episode’s character and story in detail.

A Shadow of the Past (Episode 1 Summary)

1) Galadriel

A Shadow of the Past starts with Galadriel’s voice saying Nothing is evil in the beginning. Young Galadriel is making a paper boat, and a bunch of kids is playing. They see Galadriel and throw her paper boat in the water. Then, a bully boy throws a rock to sink her boat and succeeds in it.

Galadriel gets angry and starts fighting with that boy, but her elder brother, Finrod controls the situation. He calms her sister and gives her advice about the world and its people.

Years after this incident, a big being Morgoth, destroys Galadriel’s home. It starts a war between elves and other creatures, which leaves her home in ruins. Galadriel leaves her home because of this war and travels to Middle-Earth (a distant realm). Morgoth loses the battle in the end.

Sauron, a loyal servant to Morgoth, kills Galadriel’s elder brother during the war. The trident-looking symbol mark on his body was proof of the same. Galadriel takes a vow to not rest until she kills Sauron. However, centuries passed, and everyone forgot about Sauron and the war, except Galadriel.

Galadriel becomes the commander of the northern armies and is still looking for Sauron to complete her revenge for her brother’s death. She visits places no one heard about. She reaches a place where even the sun scares to shine, Forodwaith. Galadriel’s army gets upset with her and deems her mission of finding the Sauron worthless, but she orders them to keep moving to continue the search.

They pass a snowstorm and find a hidden fortress (all orcs gathered there after they lost the battle). Galadriel finds the exact mark, like on her brother’s body on one stone in the castle. She asks Thondir to rest and move further north the next day. However, a snow troll attacks their group, but she kills it. After that, her warriors knew they had to leave the place as soon as possible. They bend their knees and leave her to march alone to fulfill her desire to take revenge.

2) Nori

The second story starts with the place Rhovanion, which is the Wilderlands east of the Anduin. Two travelers carry a massive amount of elf horns on their backs, evading a tribe of Harfoots. For those who do not know, Harfoot is a breed of Hobbits you would remember from Lord of the Rings. The presumed leader of harfoots, Sadoc Burrows, wonders why these travelers are there at that time of the year.

Nori is a young and high-spirited girl, who goes to the old farm to collect berries, along with her friend Poppy and their little siblings. One of them spots a wolf’s foot marks in the mud, and Nori orders everyone to return home immediately. Nori is an explorer and wishes to explore all of the worlds, but Marigold, her mother, discourages her to do so. She tells her that the Harfoots are free from all worries because they keep it low and play it safe for survival.

3) Herald Elrond

The next story is about the elves again, but regarding Galadriel and King’s speechwriter and confidant, Herald Elrond. He meets with Galadriel, an old friend, and tells her that the High King wants to honor her and her warriors for their mission. She tells him about the fortress and the symbol and insists they should not stop the search for Sauron as something evil might be approaching them. However, High King does not approve of it.

The High King, Revion, honors Galadriel and her warriors and asks all of them to go back to the far west as a sign of gratitude. Galadriel tells Elrond she will refuse High King’s proposal and march alone further into the North.

Elrond tells her about the enemy’s presence and requests her not to go there. He also tells her to visit the blessed vessel and promises he would take an action regarding the Sauron soon.

4) Tirharad

The next scene takes us to the land of men, Tirharad, where an Elvis soldier from High King’s checkpoint, Arondir, visits a local bar where the owner tells him about the previous month’s events. A teenager rebukes him (Arondir) by telling him that a true human king will come and throw the Elves away soon. Arondir still protects the boy from an attack afterward and steps outside. Arondir then meets with Bronwyn, who is a great healer, and gives him a vial of rare Alfirin seeds. Both of them start a conversation, which soon gets interrupted by a messenger who tells them that the High King has declared the war days are over. It means the Elvish soldiers have to leave their posts and are free now.

The watch warden tells Arondir that a joyful and long life of honor and comfort awaits him after the war is over. Arondir goes to Bronwyn for the last time and confesses his love to her. Before she could profess her feelings, a customer asked her to help his unwell cow. He tells her she grazed east some days ago and was not well after that day. She squeezes the cow’s teat, and a black tar comes out. She immediately leaves for that place with Arondir.

5) Theo

Theo is Bronwyn’s son, who sneaks into a barn with his friend and finds a piece of Sauron’s sword. It has the same symbol Galadriel saw on the fortress and Finrod’s body. This piece calls out to him by whispering black speech.

In another scene from the Elvish lands, High King asks Elrond to visit the Lord Celebrimbor, one of the best Elvish smiths. Sadoc is still puzzled by the stranger signs around his village, and Nori keeps interfering with his business to find answers. Arondir and Bronwyn reach the place the customer told them about and discover the village burning.

The doors of Valinor open, and Galadriel and her warriors get ready to enter a heavenly place. However, Galadriel jumps off the boat to fulfill her dream of getting revenge on Sauron. In the next scene, we see a meteor fly across the skies of Middle Earth and crash near Harfoot’s village. The High King also spots a leaf from their sacred tree, which turns black and indicates that an evil presence is growing. The episode ends when Nori approaches the impacted place of the meteor to find a naked man inside a burning crater.

Wrapping Up

I’ll tell you all about the first episode of this decent TV series, and the ways you can stream it on Firestick devices. Before using free apps or add-ons, ensure to use a VPN to avoid legal trouble from ISP, original content owners, or the government.

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