by John Todd on January 6, 2023

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Whether it is movies, theatre, casinos, exercise, tourism, or even our social interaction, all these forms of entertainment have moved online and have done so in a big way. The recent pandemic saw all these forms of entertainment move onto the internet where they are mainly accessed. This article looks at why this has happened and where it will likely lead to.

The Available Technology

Digital technology has improved in leaps and bounds and there are innumerable ways to access your favored entertainment. There has always been technology embedded in entertainment, such as the motors and automated scenery in the theatre. However, the advent of, and continuous improvements, in digital tech and mechanisms to access and enjoy entertainment have arguably been the key to the prominence of online entertainment. The smart mobile phone is the best example and now has the same or more computing and processing power than supercomputers of old and, as such, has become the mainstay means of accessing online media and entertainment. It is this technology that has made access to entertainment on the internet much easier and more global.

The Internet and Improved Mobile Connectivity

The internet has improved phenomenally and the ability to connect from wherever you are in the world is now a given. This global interconnectivity and increased cloud computing tech have been vital in the ability of providers of media and entertainment to reach their audience, as well as the broadening of entertainment choices and options for this audience. It is the dominant if not the only way that media and entertainment are shared, promoted, marketed, and watched in the modern age. Whether you watch the show via the internet or see the advertisement for a live concert on your social media feed it is the internet that brings you and shares with you the entertainment of our age.

A Wider Variety of Entertainment

There are so many forms of entertainment that are now available on the internet that it provides the best means of getting to see, do, and spend time doing exactly what you want. The online casino is a great example of how entertainment has moved online and from the best Aussie pokies to Hollywood-themed slots, there is now a wider range of online-based casino entertainment than ever before. Each of these sectors, such as the online casino, movies, social media, and shopping also have a range of variety which sees them offering the widest range of media and entertainment on the internet than there has ever been before.

Where This Is All Going

As smart personal tech gets smarter and technology such as screens, speakers, and storage get smaller and more powerful, the ability to be entertained on your mobile device, wherever you are, has become the norm. However, this will not be the case for long, as virtual and augmented reality begin to make a marked difference to the nature of what is available and how it will be accessed from the internet. The virtual city tour or museum tour is already becoming a trend for those who want to see the world and yet don’t want to cause any damage to historical sites and tourism hot spots. The same will happen to the theatre.

Entertainment and media have been able to move online based on the available tech and the internet. They will soon be relocating once again, and this time, facilitated by the improvement in tech (VR & AR), arguably into the metaverse.

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