Extras: 5 Movies with Different Endings in Different Regions

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by Aveline MacQuoid on March 19, 2022

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5 Movies with Different Endings in Different Regions

Filmmakers have the authority to steer everyone included in the filmmaking. They articulate the message to be delivered to the world through movies, music, etc.

But even with all the efforts, sometimes they have a hectic time figuring out how their stuff will end. And they end up having a different ending to different audiences. For instance, Disney is one app that has so many movies with different endings. 

Again, its content may not be available everywhere. For example, you can only wish for Disney Plus South Africa. So if you are in South Africa, you would have to use a VPN to view the content.

It is common to have a movie with an alternate ending, shown in different countries. Because the audience retaliates or the producer feels obliged to change the stuff depending on the audience’s perception. There are tons of movies with different endings to different countries or locations.

Want to have a grasp of such movies?

If you don’t mind being robbed of your movie enjoyment, let’s get the ball rolling with the below five movies.

1. Unfriended: Dark Web

Though the desktop horror movie was an enormous success, it never hit the mark compared to the original movie. Interestingly, you would go to theaters without knowing what ending you paid for. In the first ending, we see Matias (Colin Woodell) get killed by the dark web, which was threatening him; he was run over by a large white van.

In the next ending, we see Matias being buried alive. The same scenario happens to his girlfriend, Amaya. Again, in the first ending, we witness Amaya’s death and others following a group chat. In the 2nd ending, we see Amaya gaze in awe as he watches Matias getting killed.

The different endings were clear as the same movie was delivered in different versions both in Canada and in the U.S. There are still other multiple cases where there are alternate endings.

All in all, the 2nd ending seems to be more appealing compared to the first ending.

2. Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Bandersnatch is a Sci-Fi series with five primary endings with different variations. It could be a way to spend your summer holidays as you enjoy the different endings that all depend on your choices of what you want to see.

Netflix has revealed that the country you live in could also affect the ending you get to see.

In the first ending, we get to see Stefan as he learns that his father, together with his therapist, has all along controlled his behavior leading him to kill his father. In the 2nd ending, Stefan discovers his toy rabbit in the safe, and consequently, his mother dies, and he also dies.

In the 3rd ending, a viewer compels Stefan to murder his father; though this is not his will, the viewer requests Stefan to cut his dad’s body. The 4th ending follows the viewer’s stunt push to make Stefan kill his father, who, instead of cutting his father’s body, buries him, and his remains are later found by his dog. 

Finally, in the 5th ending, the viewers push Stefan to believe he is an interactive Netflix show, leading to manipulated decisions. And after fighting with his therapist, he jumps off the window and, to his surprise, discovers he is an actor.

3. Once Upon A Time in America

One significant difference was the running time between the set released in the U.S. and the original one shown in Europe. The difference in time was set to secure an “R” rating. 

In the original version, we see Max die soon after giving his testimony before the Congressional Investigating Committee. Max tells Noodles before dying that he is “a dead man”.

In the European movie, Max follows Noodles in the dark, and as this happens, a garbage truck passes between them. After some time, the camera only shows the truck, and Max is nowhere to be seen. 

The audience is left wondering what could have happened to Max. Could he have been hijacked, or could it be someone else who portrayed himself as Max? You remember Jimmy and friends wanted him dead because of his mistakes, and Max’s only repentance was to die in Noodle’s hands.

4. Little Shop of Horrors

Little Shop of Horrors is an American horror black comedy film with multiple endings.

There is still an ongoing debate on which ending would have remained in the 1986 version. In the original version, we have Audrey 11 plant-eating up Seymour and Audrey and then taking over the world after it breeds into an enormous giant of plants. 

In the amended theatrical movies, we see Seymour and Audrey defeat Audrey 11, getting married and living happily thereafter.

5. The Descent

The horror movie has two endings; one released in the U.K. and another in the U.S. In the U.K. ending, Sarah is too fearful following the cannibalism that left his friends dead. As she stays in the dark remembering everything, the sound of crawlers can be heard from afar, wondering whether she could have been eaten too. 

In the U.S. release, Sarah can be seen getting out of a car and going to the caves. And once he goes back to the car, she experiences Juno’s hallucination, and once he screams, the film gets black.

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