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New Shows on Netflix New Zealand to stream in 2022

Netflix, without a doubt, has given us a turning point in the realm of streaming entertainment. With a tremendous amount of unique and classic content, including Netflix’s vast range of TV shows, Netflix has kept something for every person no matter what their age.

Beginning from the political dramas of 80s science fiction to the finest superhero TV shows and everything left in between, Netflix has been reliably blowing everyone’s mind. Of course, what’s not generally entirely stress-free is figuring out what to watch.

If you have access to a premium VPN, you won’t have any problem accessing Netflix New Zealand as it is a geo-restricted website which means it can track your location by your IP address. Hence, you will need a high-quality VPN that successfully hides your IP address to overcome that obstacle.

Netflix has turned into an all-inclusive resource for New Zealand viewers as they can watch plenty of TV shows in diverse genres on their screens. The best thing about the well-known US-based streaming website is that you don’t need to do the hunting for another streaming service to stream your number one shows.

Make sure to thoroughly go through this guide to be familiar with the best TV shows on Netflix New Zealand accessible for streaming in 2022.


Halston is a remarkable TV show which falls in the drama category. The show convincingly depicts the extravagant way of life of a renowned fashion icon, Roy Halston Frowick. If you seriously love Halston, we would recommend you watch this TV show. It stars the incredible Ewan Mcgregor and Rebecca Dayan.

Anatomy of a Scandal

If you have read the top-of-the-line novel by Sarah Vaughn, you’ll realize this is nothing to joke about. A suspenseful thrill ride and a stunning drama mainly shot in halls of justice, the series penetrates Britain’s elite class through a private and political scandal. It revolves around James and Sophie Whitehouse, who live in an enchanted world.

James goes in an off-limit direction as a minister in Parliament with a caring family at home. But, until an outrageous mystery out of nowhere becomes visible, Attorney Kate Woodcroft is the prosecutor of this case, making it an absolute treat-to-eyes series that you can’t miss.

Squid Game

Squid Game is a South Korean drama based on surviving through a series of challenges. When it was released, it shook the world to the core with its brilliance, making it the most-watched and popular series on Netflix. The intriguing plot centres on a group of people on the verge of drowning in debt, which led them to play a children’s game with the risk of losing their lives if they lost the challenge.

However, if they win, they get an opportunity to leave with an incredible amount of cash by which they can clear off their debts and live a peaceful life. This series is imaginative, gruesome, and thought-provoking. So make a schedule because you won’t leave your screen once you’ve started watching it.


An absolute exciting addition to Netflix’s never-ending inventory of worldwide TV series, Lupin is an epitome of satisfaction from beginning to end. The story revolves around the criminal Assane Diop, who Arsène Lupin and his workings deeply inspire.

He embarks on a journey to retaliate against his past, which involved the wrongful death of his dad. It features Omar Sy in the lead role, and he gives out an utterly incredible performance.


I’m sure you’ve heard about Bridgerton, a series that falls into drama and romance. It is based on the famous Bridgerton novels by Julia Quinn, which centres around lust, love, and betrayal and the eldest daughter of the Bridgerton family, who is set to compete in a market for marriage proposals.

Although none of the proposals suits her absolute charming features and personality, that is when a charismatic and rebellious duke steps in to ask her hand into marriage. If you like reading romantic novels, movies, and TV shows, Brigderton will undoubtedly be very appealing to you.

The Crown

One of the most scandalous dramas of all time. The Crown centres upon the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, her marriage, her children’s love life, and the events that took place and made the latter half of the 20th century what it is known today.

The Crown has given us a colossal cast and magnificent production values. Also, seeing Emma Corrin immaculately depict Princess Diana in season four is genuinely remarkable and treats our eyes. Also, check out movies with different endings in different regions.


Are you considered one of those people among your friends circle who’s deeply interested in every psychopath and sociopath serial killer movie and TV show? Well, if that’s the case, you are the perfect show for you to stick to because it consists of 3 seasons, which will make your weekend wonderful.

It centres upon a sociopath book clerk, Joe Goldberg, who meets Beck. He develops an unhealthy and deadly crush on her, leading him to stalk her day and night, ultimately invading her privacy without letting her know.

Make sure you clear off all your schedules because you are highly thrilling and addictive and won’t leave you until you’ve watched every episode available and will eventually leave you anticipating what’s coming next.


All new shows on Netflix will keep you glued to your screens during your summer vacations. As we’ve drenched you with every detail top to bottom, you wouldn’t have to worry about spending a huge load of time wondering what to watch.

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